We're incredibly excited to announce that Akiban has been acquired by FoundationDB. Together we are closing the gap between SQL and NoSQL in our quest to disrupt the database market.

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Natural Modeling

Akiban table-grouping co-locates related data that belongs together.

Bring your data model to the DB and eliminate the relational mismatch.

Data can be fetched in simple, sequential operations to make queries consistently fast -- like accessing a single table.

Object and SQL Access

Access data through REST, SQL or Full Text.
Your app has one object model, so should your database.

Powerful and Open Platform

A complete database, from the ground up.

Planning, optimization and execution.
SQL compliant and flexible parsing.
Fast, transactional B+Tree storage.

"The big win for me is not having to jury-rig MySQL or psql column to be de-normalized. Having to install a NoSQL DB alongside and replicating the data is overly complicated and the less infrastructure I have to deal with, the better"

- Kyle Crum, Adelante Web Productions